About Us

Nu-Star Material Handling working with UMS Australasia Pty Ltd

UMS Australasia Pty Ltd was founded in 2004 by Peter Keogh, with the key objective of keeping production lines moving with innovative solutions in the box manufacturing industry.

Since then the company has grown in size and focused on material handling in an array of industries and sectors.

UMS are the exclusive distributor for Nu-Star Material Handling, selling Power Pushers and Electric Tugs in Australia and New Zealand.

Nu-Star Material Handling are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), founded in the UK in 2001. Nu-Star design and manufacture pedestrian-operated, battery powered electric tugs to improve material handling and safety in the workplace.

The signature electric tug in the range is the Nu-Star Power Pusher, able to push, pull and manoeuvre heavy loads with no exhaust fumes and virtually no noise. The range of electric tugs are a cost-effective solution to alternatives such as forklifts in the material handling industry.

Remember our motto; ‘If it rolls, we can move it‘ so, please Contact Us now to find out more.