Pushing Cable Drums & Paper Reels

Known in the Cable industry as Drum Pushers and in the Paper industry as Reel Pushers or Roll Movers, Nu-Star offer five different models with push forces ranging from 4,800N right up to 16,700N.

When manufacturing and processing cable and paper, there is often a requirement to move  the cable drums and paper or tissue reels into or out of winders, slitters and testing chambers. When there is no overhead crane to effect this movement and a lack of space or, proximity to pedestrians prohibits the use of a clamp truck, staff will often attempt to roll the load manually.

The use of a single pedestrian operated tug unit to push rolls, reels and drums removes the risk of back injury to staff and enables one person to move loads up to 60,000kg – a significant saving as compared to the costs of overhead cranes or, clamp trucks.

N.B. Wooden flanged cable drums are often much more difficult to push, particularly if the wood has become distorted and the drum is no longer ‘circular’ … this is why we give indications for steel flanged drums only. The machines only PUSH a Cable Drum or Paper Roll, they will not PULL and neither will they ‘steer’ such a load.

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