Power Pusher

The Power Pusher is a versatile pedestrian operated, electric tug / utility vehicle used to move, push, pull, steer and manoeuvre industrial loads.

Originally invented in the early 1960’s to push immobilised vehicles, the Power Pusher has been continually developed for over 50 years and now has a comprehensive range of attachments for the materials handling market. Some of these attachments are specific to a particular industrial sector eg. for Pushing Cable Drums and Paper Reels and some of the attachments are more generalised eg. for Pushing & Pulling loads on Trolleys and Carts or for Moving heavy loads on industrial skates.

Our Power Pusher electric tugger is a cost-effective alternative to a forklift truck or other ride-on vehicle and is significantly safer and quicker than having employees attempt to manually move such heavy loads.

Since Power Pushers are not lifting devices (such as forklifts) and are classified as Pedestrian Electric Tugs, they are not subject to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and do not require the operator to have a driving licence. This means that virtually all your workforce may be trained in the use of the Power Pusher, thereby eliminating wait times for suitably qualified staff.

They are also much smaller than forklift trucks and therefore take up less space on the factory floor, enabling more space to be profitably allocated to production rather than materials movement.

The HSE advise that there some 5,000 accidents per year involving workplace transport. The primary cause are collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.

One of the key reasons why our customers invest in a Power Pusher is to improve safety in the workplace. By replacing a larger and more expensive forklift with a Power Pusher, the customer is able to significantly reduce manual handling risks of injury to employees.



Power Pusher Applications

Power Pusher, with Steering Arm attachment, moving 3,500Kg excavator boom on mobile stillage Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving drill pipe trolley for Schlumberger Oil Services Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving Empteezy tipping skip in machine shop Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving kiln trolley into and out of Autoclave at Churchill China plc Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving 2,500Kg trolley loaded with timber in sawmill Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving trolley loaded with automotive exhaust assemblies at Faurecia, France Power Pusher, cable drum pusher, pushing 9,000Kg cable drum at Prysmian Cables. Power Pusher, with bespoke attachments, pushing large steel fabrications along a rail-based production line Power Pusher pushing railcar bogies in London Underground maintenance depot



Power Pusher Specifications

400W or 550W, 24V DC with 125A programmable controller
Batteries 2xEM60AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA approved
Battery Charger On-Board, IP68, multi-input voltage, 2 x 10A output
Wheels/Tyres Foam-Filled, Puncture-proof with free-wheel hubs, 14×5.5-6
Braking Regenerative as standard
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable throttle, Hand & Wheel Guards, Emergency Reverse, Horn, Battery gauge, main isolator fuse, Emergency Stop
Options Motion Bleeper, Strobe, Non-marking tyres, Stainless Steel, ATEX Zone 1