Super Power Pusher

Electric Tow Tug to move heavy wheeled loads, loads on rails & loads on industrial machine skates

The Super Power Pusher is a pedestrian operated electric tug that is a significantly more powerful version of our best-selling Power Pusher electric tow tug developed especially for moving very heavy loads.

The Super Power Pusher is a piece of load moving equipment that has the same ability to push, pull and manoeuvre a wide selection of industrial loads in manufacturing and production line environments as the Power Pusher does but, its more powerful motor and increased battery capacity enables it to handle heavier loads.

Move heavy loads such as rail bogies and train carriages easily with our powerful electric tug that can generate up to 9,000N of push force. Illustrated below is a the product being operated by a single pedestrian as it pushes 180,000Kg rolling stock on a rail bogie at the London Underground maintenance depot. Being battery powered means it has no toxic emissions, therefore it can be used safely in a wide range of industrial and production line environments.

Super Power Pusher electric tugs can generate up to 9,000N of push force which makes it useful for handling loads with high rolling resistance. Illustrated in the panel below, it can be seen pushing a 55,000Kg rail-mounted transfer car along rails. In another application in the electric cable industry it can be seen moving a 20,000kg cable drum. Our Super Power Pusher tugs are also in commission at the London Underground for moving rolling stock.

As with our other electric tow tugs, we have developed a wide range of both general and specialist attachments such as the Steering Arm – seen illustrated below moving a 7,000Kg Cummins diesel engine – which enables loads to be accurately positioned during both push and pull operations. All attachments have been designed to solve application-specific challenges but the whole range of powered tugs can be customised to suit a particular customer application.

If you have a production line or assembly automation problem; if you have a heavy wheeled, trolley or rail mounted load to manoeuvre then, get in touch with details of the load you need to move and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the Super Power Pusher and the other solutions we can provide.


Super Power Pusher Applications

Super Power Pusher at London Underground Stonebridge Park maintenance depot pushing rolling stock Super Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving 5,000Kg Industrial Pump at Xylem Super Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving 6,500Kg screen box assemblies for Terex-Powerscreen Super Power Pusher moving 55,000Kg rail-mounted transfer car into & out of shot-blasting chamber Super Power Pusher moving 9,000Kg trolley in nuclear industry Super Power Pusher pushing 20,000Kg Cable Drum Super Power Pusher, with custom attachment, pushing 180,000Kg rolling stock at London Underground maintenance depot Super Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving 7,000Kg Cummins diesel engine Super Power Pusher, with Steering Arm, moving 7,000Kg chiller unit from Production to Despatch at Airedale Air Conditioning



Super Power Pusher Specifications

Motor 1.5Kw, 36V DC with 200A programmable controller
Batteries 3xEM90AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA approved
Battery Charger On-Board, IP68, multi-input voltage, 3 x 10A output
Wheels/Tyres Solid, 3-Ply, 15×4.5-8
Braking Regenerative as standard
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable throttle, Hand & Wheel Guards, Emergency Reverse, Horn, Battery gauge, main isolator fuse
Options Motion Bleeper, Safety Strobe, Non-marking tyres, Electromagnetic brake, Stainless Steel, ATEX Zone 1, High Torque version