Custom Electric Tugs

We are often asked by customers if we are able to design and manufacture bespoke electric tug products / turn-key electric tug solutions, to solve their specific load moving challenges.

Where we can utilise some of our existing components, thereby ensuring we can support such products in the future, we are always happy to take on such projects.

Whilst we may not promote these electric tugs as one of our standard Products, we believe it helps showcase our Design and Manufacturing abilities and willingness to take on unique projects.

Further details on these pedestrian tuggers are available on request.


Custom tug MUV 4WD with rail attachment

Demountable and Towable Traction Drive for Airport Ground Handling Equipment such as passenger stairs

Rail Mounted Ammunition Hauler for hauling 2,500Kg ammunition cart from underground storage to ground level. Operation is from the towed seat or, remotely by Radio Frequency control

Modified Super Power Pusher with on-board Air Compressor for the Joloda One Shot container loading system

Transporter trolley developed for transporting tool cabinets in a railway maintenance facility


Custom Electric Tugs Specifications