MUV-Electric Wheelbarrow / Mini-Dumper

Specifically designed for the industrial market, the MUV Electric powered Wheelbarrow is a motorised wheelbarrow, power barrow or mini-dumper, capable of moving 350Kg for up to eight kilometers. It has an electrically powered drive and electrically powered tip mechanism and may be fitted with either a galvanized steel or, industrial-plastic tub.

Being electrically powered, it is powerful, safe, quiet, has no exhaust gases and there are no handlebar vibrations (all of which are significant limitations to the use of petrol/diesel engine powered wheelbarrows).

No driving licence is required for use, the MUV Powered Wheelbarrow can be quickly loaded into a van or, onto a plant trailer (using 3 scaffold planks, a tail-lift or, ramp) and at just 810mm in width, it will fit through most external doors, making it a ideal for accessing confined internal construction projects.

These attributes make it ideal for the following applications:

  • Small works in construction and flooring such as wheel-barrowing concrete
  • Large gardening projects and shifting logs
  • Crop harvesting in glasshouses & polytunnels
  • Moving mulch, stone, aggregates, sand, wood chip & plants on landscaping projects
  • Moving animal feedstuffs and mucking out in stables, farms and small holdings
  • Removing spoil from tunnelling operations
  • General industrial material and scrap hauling

The powered wheelbarrow tub is available in both galvanised steel and moulded industrial plastic and these are quickly interchangeable, via two detent pins on the sub-frame.

The on-board, waterproof, battery charger will accept both 110V or 220V input – simply change the ‘flying lead’ to suit the plug type. The battery charger will automatically adjust to either voltage and is specifically programmed to optimise the two maintenance-free, sealed, 90Amp Hour gel batteries in the machine.

Nu-Star MUV Electric Wheelbarrow, available for Sale and Hire, direct from the manufacturer.

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MUV-Electric Wheelbarrow / Mini-Dumper Applications

Using the MUV Electric Wheelbarrow to deliver logs. Finger-tip control of the powered tipping function gives inch perfect delivery. Machine can be driven with tub in raised position. Using the MUV Electric Wheelbarrow for watering horses in a commercial stables. No engine noise to scare the horses. MUV - Electric powered Wheelbarrow being loaded by mini-digger Using the Electric Wheelbarrow to move concrete from roadside delivery truck to internal small works Loaded Electric Wheelbarrow with galvanized steel tub Loaded MUV Wheelbarrow, plastic tub, driving up slope during swimming pool refurbishment project Using the MUV - Electric Wheelbarrow to transport concrete from roadside delivery lorry Mini digger loading Nu-Star Electric Barrow Electric Wheelbarrow for hauling and tipping aggregates on construction site MUV Wheelbarrow to show electric tip of 350Kg load Electric Wheelbarrow with galvanised steel tub to show electric tip operation MUV Wheelbarrow, with plastic tub, being used internally during swimming pool refurbishment



MUV-Electric Wheelbarrow / Mini-Dumper Specifications

Motor 24V DC with 125A programmable controller
Batteries 2xEM90AHr, sealed & maintenance-free, Gel, IATA Approved
Battery Charger On-board, IP68, multi-input voltage  2 x 10A output
Wheels/Tyres Foam-Filled, Puncture-proof, 16×6.5-8
Braking Regenerative & Electromagnetic as standard
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable twist-grip throttle, Dead-man’s handle, Electric dump & retract, Tortoise/Hare speed setting, Battery gauge
Options Steel or Plastic tub, range-extend battery pack, Motion bleeper, all Stainless Steel build, Horn, Slurry Tub, Dual-Rear castors
Capacities Level ground: 350Kg   Max 30° slope: 250Kg
237 litres,   0.237m³,   0.311yd³,   8.384ft³
Dimensions L:1763mm W:812mm H:973mm (untipped), 1472mm (tipped)
Weight With Plastic Tub: 242Kg    With Steel Tub: 295Kg
Speed Max Forward: 6 Kph    Max Reverse: 3 Kph