MUV-Trolley Retrieval

Trolley & Cart Pusher / Retrieval

Based on the MUV chassis, this pedestrian operated, electric tug is specifically designed to assist in trolley and cart collection / retrieval at supermarkets and airports.

Improved productivity and reduced employee injuries enable quick return on investment. No driving licence is required for operation and training is very straightforward. The operator drives the trolley pusher from the tillerhead when unloaded and uses the integral radio-control to operate the tug when loaded with trolleys. The tug is capable of moving over 100 supermarket trolleys at one time, space permitting.

Airport Cart & Shopping Trolley Retrieval

Used for supermarket trolley collection and airport cart retrieval, the front attachment is fully adjustable to fit any design of trolley and cart.


MUV-Trolley Retrieval Specifications

Motor 1200W, 24V DC with 125A programmable controller
Batteries 2xEM90AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA Approved
Battery Charger On-board, IP68, multi-input voltage  2 x 10A output
Wheels/Tyres Foam-Filled, Puncture-proof, 16×6.5-8
Braking Regenerative & Electromagnetic as standard
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable twist-grip throttle, Dead-man handle, Radio Control when laden, Battery gauge, Strobe
Options Varying design front attachments to suit trolley type, range-extend battery pack, Motion bleeper, Stainless Steel build, Horn