MUV-Trailer Mover

The MUV Trailer Mover was developed for moving boat trailers, tipper trailers, livestock trailers, general purpose trailers, horsebox trailers, plant trailers, box van trailers, motorsport trailers, and other such trailers that typically use a 50mm Ball Hitch or Towing Eye at the front.

The Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV) consists of a core chassis & drive system that can be fitted with a modular range of attachments – showing here is the Trailer Mover module.

Configurable with either Ball Hitch or, Towing Eye, the MUV-Trailer Mover is designed to move trailers in locations where it is not realistic to use a larger car/truck and where petrol/diesel engined vehicles are not appropriate. It enables a single pedestrian operator to achieve what might otherwise require two or three people, thereby improving both productivity and reducing the risk of back injury.

Being significantly smaller than a forklift / tractor type vehicle and having no engine noise, exhaust emissions or, handlebar vibrations it is ideal for use both internally and externally. There is no requirement for an operator driver licence and the Trailer Mover can be easily moved between locations in the back of a van (loading simply requiring 3 standard ‘scaffold’ planks, a tail-lift or ramp).

The Nu-Star Trailer Mover is available for both sale, short and long-term hire.


MUV-Trailer Mover Applications

MUV Trailer Mover, fitted with umbilical remote control, powered 50mm Ball Hitch, moving a twin axle, flatbed trailer for timber construction company. MUV Trailer Mover fitted with Pintle Hitch moving ground support stairs Using the MUV Trailer Mover to move a 2,000Kg, twin axle, boat trailer MUV Trailer Mover with 1,000Kg single axle trailer MUV Trailer Mover with 2,000Kg twin axle trailer MUV Trailer Mover with Pintle Hitch moving Aero engine cradle


MUV-Trailer Mover Specifications

Motor 850W, 24V DC with 125A programmable controller
Batteries 2xEM90AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA Approved
Battery Charger On-board, IP68, multi-input voltage  2 x 10A output
Wheels/Tyres Foam-Filled, Puncture-proof, 16×6.5-8
Braking Regenerative & Electromagnetic as standard
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable twist-grip throttle, Dead-man handle, Electric dump & retract, Battery gauge
Options Range-extend battery pack, 50mm Ball Hitch or Towing Eye & Pin, Motion bleeper, Stainless Steel build, Horn