Powertug – Electric Tug

Vessel & Trolley Mover

Safely and easily move pharmaceutical vessels, beverage vessels, biotech vessels, chemical vessels, food vessels, process tanks, mixing vessels, Textile ‘A’ frames and pressure vessels with the PowerTug.

Moving and positioning gases and liquids contained in pressure vessels, process tanks, chromatography columns and reaction vessels is difficult to do accurately. Often used in the pharmaceutical, food, biotech and chemical industries, the manufacturing process usually involves moving tanks & vessels in confined areas so, they are typically fitted with all-swivel castors.

Vessels & trolleys in these industries are commonly made from Stainless Steel and contain high-value chemicals and drugs. They usually weigh at least 1,000Kg when fully loaded and so require a powered tug to move safely. Often these vessels are operating in a clean room environment and so any vessel mover needs to be manufactured to a clean room standard and suitable for regular wash down procedures according to FDA Standards and Guidance. Where volatile liquids and gases are present, any powered mover will need to be manufactured according  to ATEX standards.

Accurately moving and positioning these vessels can be difficult since each castor turns independently so there is a tendency for the load to ‘wander’ or ‘crab’ when being moved, particularly if the floor is uneven, on a slope or, has a camber – as is often the case when there are drains are in the floor to collect wash down residue.

The PowerTug load mover is a battery powered electric tow tug that has a telescopic front leg (or legs) with a fixed castor (or castors) at the end. When coupled to the vessel, this configuration overcomes the ‘wandering’ or ‘crabbing’ effect of the swivel castors and the vessel can be safely moved and positioned with great precision, irrespective of the floor surface.

The PowerTug also has an electrically powered up/down carriage which enables quick & easy connection to the vessel and, in so doing, transfers some of the weight from the vessel to the PowerTug’s driven wheel, thus creating additional traction or tractive effort.


Powertug – Electric Tug Applications

Custom PowerTug for positioning lifting brackets onto Airbus wing sections PowerTug moving 1,000Kg Corsair heated food trolley in prison kitchen PowerTug moving 2,000Kg leather hides on 'A' frame trolley at Eagle Ottawa PowerTug moving 2,000Kg leather tressles in Scottish Tannery PowerTug moving 1,500Kg liquid Helium vessel for BOC Moving Techniplast IVC racks at the Francis Crick Institute, London PowerTug moving clay trolley in Pottery PowerTugs moving 3,500Kg Fabric Roll trolleys. Lifting carriage on PowerTug negates absence of castors at front of trolleys Stainless Steel PowerTug moving 1,000Kg Pharmaceutical vessel with all 4 swivel castors Stainless Steel PowerTug moving 2,000Kg Pharmaceutical mixing vessel in Singapore 316 DP Stainless Steel PowerTug for moving mixing vessel in Pharmaceutical laboratory Stainless Steel PowerTug with twin front legs at Wyeth Medica



Powertug – Electric Tug Specifications

Motors  Drive: 1Kw 24V DC               Lift: 380W 24V DC
Batteries 2xEM60AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA approved
Battery Charger On-Board, IP68, multi-input voltage, 2 x 10A output
Drive Wheel Solid, Polyurethane
Braking Regenerative & Electromagnetic
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable throttle, Hand Guards, Emergency Reverse, Horn, Battery gauge, touch button up/down for lift
Options Motion Bleeper, Stainless Steel, ATEX Zone 1